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Sports Health and Analytics Research Partnership

The SHARP institute is an interdisciplinary and interdepartmental research group at University College London. SHARP holds for Sports and Health Analytics Research Partnership. We are interested in both pure and applied research. We work with cutting-edge methods, trying to expand the current state of research, while also having an impact on real life.

Our mission is to develop innovative approaches to data collection, data storage, data analysis and visualisation to facilitate evidence-based approaches to improve human performance and health. Our broader goal is facilitate the use of persuasive technologies to improve the quality of life in the general population.


Our mission

Sharp promotes a data driven approach towards sport, using data science to better characterize talent, identify performance drivers and understand the influence of physical training on personal wellbeing.

Employing machine learning techniques and ubiquitous computing, we aim to discover effective or disruptive patterns in any aspect of an elite athlete's training and to investigate ways in which these findings can be used to educate the wider population on how to approach physical activities to maximize health benefits and minimize risks.

Skills and expertise

We specialize in the following:

Machine learning


Sports science

Psychology and psychometric for sports

Software development

Databases for sports (SQL and NoSQL)

Proud collaborators of:

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