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In SHARP we are focused on delivering novel solutions in sports and health-related problems based on advanced analytical techniques.

Our work is split in three parts: academic research in analytics, software development and industrial collaborations.

Academic publications/presentations

In SHARP, our academic interests revolve around using advanced analytical methodologies to provide novel solutions to problems in sports. We are working on many different projects, and we are always open to ideas and suggestions. Our published findings are the following:

Stylianos Kampakis, Comparison of Machine Learning Methods for Predicting the Recovery Time of Professional Football Players After an Undiagnosed Injury(Link)ECML - PKDD 2013 (European Conference on Machine Learning and Principles and Practice of Data Mining)

Software development

SHARP has developed, in collaboration with Tottenham Hotspur FC, an infrastructure for collecting, storing and analyzing data for football. The system, which is still in development, is a complete solution to any football club's data needs.

Furthermore, this solution is developed in collaboration with the research being done at SHARP. The platform supports advanced analytical capabilities and its modular architecture makes it extendable to other types of sports.

Industrial collaborations

In SHARP we believe in the power of collaborations between academia and industry to shape the landscape. SHARP takes an active role in promoting and applying the research we produce and our industrial partners play an integral role in that.

The first results from an industrial collaboration came when SHARP, in collaboration with DANOPT and Moor Consulting delivered an interesting analysis on Eurobasket 2013 which was published at the Guardian:


We are always open to suggestions for collaborations and proposals for research or commercial solutions. For further information please contact us.




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